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 Easy server to grief,

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PostSubject: Easy server to grief,   Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:59 pm

Yeah this server thinks they are all good at grief protection and ****, but they are not. Im quite angry with them because i got banned for killing one of the admins legitly after i donated money. the IP is if you decide to take this up, and please do, you will need to act fast. their no cheat does not work right now and will be down for awhile. Once you login do /warp safe and you go to a no pvp world. there is no way to protect your stuff there, other than using a res, which most people do not do. If i knew the coords of my old house i would give you them because theres a shitload of maxed diamond stuff there that could be of use. if you want to use lava in that world you must put it in a dispenser first and then shoot it out, same for setting stuff on fire, although fire wont spread. Also they have bigbrother here so you will need to completaly remove a house if you start griefing it, if the entire house is gone they wont know where to check for the grief. Please take this up it would bring grate joy to me to see it. and if you dont do it for everything already please make a video of it for youtube
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Easy server to grief,
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